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The History of the Soda Fountain

From the early 20th century up until the 1960s, it was common for small-town residents and big-city dwellers to enjoy carbonated beverages at local soda fountains and ice cream saloons. Often housed together with apothecaries, the ornate, baroque soda fountain counter served as a meeting place for people of all ages and became especially popular as a legal place to gather during Prohibition. By the 1920s, just about every apothecary had a soda fountain. Soda Fountain Manufacturers Some soda fountains back in the day were the Transcendent, which had miniature Greek statues on top of them and four spigots and a cupola topped with stars. Then there was the Puffer Commonwealth, which had more spigots and was more statuesque. The four most successful manufacturers of soda fountains—Tuft’s Arctic Soda Fountain, A.D. Puffer and Sons of Boston, John Matthews and Charles Lippincott—created  a monopoly of the soda fountain manufacturing business  by combining to form the American Soda Fountain Company in 1891. A Little History The term soda water was first coined in 1798, and in  1810 the first U.S. patent was issued for the mass manufacture of imitation mineral waters to inventors Simmons and Rundell of Charleston, South Carolina. The soda fountain patent was first granted to U.S. physician Samuel Fahnestock (1764–1836) in 1819. He had invented a  barrel-shaped with a pump and spigot to dispense  carbonated water, and the device was meant to be kept under a counter or hidden. In 1832 New Yorker John Matthews  invented a design that would make artificially carbonating water more cost-effective. His machine—a metal-lined chamber where sulfuric acid and calcium carbonate were mixed to make carbon dioxide—artificially carbonated waters at a quantity that could be sold to drugstores or street vendors. In Lowell, Massachusetts, Gustavus D.  Dows invented and operated the first marble soda fountain and ice shaver, which he patented in 1863. It was housed in a miniature cottage and was functional, and made of eye-pleasing white Italian marble, onyx and glistening brass with large mirrors. The New York Times wrote that Mr. Dows was the  first to create a fountain that looked like a Doric temple. Boston-based manufacturer James Walker Tufts (1835–1902) patented a soda fountain in 1883  that he called the Arctic Soda Apparatus. Tufts went on to become a huge soda fountain maker, selling more soda fountains than all of his competitors combined. In 1903 a revolution in soda fountain design took place with the front-service fountain patented by New Yorker Edwin Haeusser Heisinger, who operated a soda fountain in Union Station. Soda Fountains Today The popularity of soda fountains collapsed in the 1970s  with the introduction of fast foods, commercial ice cream, bottled  soft drinks, and restaurants. Today, the  soda fountain is nothing other than a small,  self-serve soft drink dispenser. Old-fashioned soda fountain parlors within apothecaries—where druggists would serve syrup and chilled, carbonated soda water—are most likely found in museums nowadays. Sources and Further Information Cooper Funderburg, Anne. Sundae Best: A History of Soda Fountains. Bowling Green OH: Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 2004.  Dickson, Paul. The Great American Ice Cream Book. New York: Atheneum, 1972Ferretti, Fred. A Rememberance of Soda Fountains Past. The New York Times, April 27, 1983.  Hanes, Alice. Quenching the Thirst for Knowledge About Soda Water. Hagley Museum and Library, March 23, 2014.  Tufts, James W. Soda Fountains. One Hundred Years of American Commerce. Ed. Depew, Chauncey Mitchell. New York: D. O. Haynes, 1895. 470–74.

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What Is Self Esteem Essay - 655 Words

What is self-esteem? Self-esteem is a term used in psychology to describe someone’s level of confidence and respect for themselves. Pride, shame and dignity are some of the emotions self-esteem encompasses. In 1943, Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist created the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; it was composed of physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem and self-actualization, physiological being the most basic needs. He believed that psychological health is not possible unless people accepted, loved and respected you and if you didn’t accept yourself. Self-esteem is influenced massively by a person’s experiences. Positive experiences brings up one’s self-esteem while negative experiences do the opposite. Babies aren’t capable of†¦show more content†¦People with a healthy and positive self-esteem level are confident in who they are, have firm beliefs and trust their own judgment. They can enjoy numerous activities and donâ₠¬â„¢t feel inferior or superior to people around them. They don’t dwell too much on the past and aren’t unnecessarily worried about the future. Having a higher self-esteem increases the capacity to be happy and have richer relationships. Unhealthily high or low self-esteem levels can be both socially and emotionally harmful. If people with inflated self-worth are attacked or challenged, they react in a secure and defensive way. High self-esteem can result in narcissism meaning that the person has difficulty with empathy because has too much love for themselves which makes them arrogant. The word narcissism originated from Narcissus from Greek Mythology. He fell in love with his own reflection. As well as high self-esteem, there is low self-esteem which can result due to many reasons including appearances, mental diseases, security and bullying/peer-pressure. People with low-self esteem find many faults with themselves, whether or not it’s true. They show too muc h eagerness to please and gain other people’s affections and not offend people. They are also envious and jealous of others with traits and possessions they wish to have. They have an air of hostility around them and be irritable without a reason. They rely on other people’s opinions and praise to draw an idea on their worthiness.Show MoreRelatedWhat s On Your Wall : Social Network And Self Esteem1493 Words   |  6 PagesWhat’s On Your Wall: Social Network and Self-Esteem Salina Yang California State University, Chico Abstract This paper explores the articles concerning how social network can influence people’s self-esteem in a positive and negative effect through social disclosures, group identity, and self-perception. Facebook users were the main focus of this issue. It is noted to have an attractive platform for self-presentation because users can cleverly manipulate online personas to highlight theirRead MoreThe Importance Of Self Esteem1630 Words   |  7 PagesBU 110 25 October 2016 The Importance of Self-Esteem It is often said that if an individual wishes to succeed in life they must have confidence. That in order to handle difficult situations it is confidence that will see them through. But what if that’s wrong? What if there was a lesser known, subtly more powerful force that would allow an individual to succeed and be resilient to those difficult situations? Often confused with confidence, it is self-esteem that is a powerful mechanism affecting mentalRead MoreImportance And Usefulness Of Evaluating Self Esteem924 Words   |  4 Pagesevaluating self-esteem in children the authors Hosogi, Mizuho; Okada, Ayumi; Fuji, Chikako; Noguchi, Keizou; and Watanabe, Kumi focus on the child’s self-esteem. Children begin to develop their self-esteem in the environment they are raised. As the child built their self-esteem the child gains an understanding and the abilities to learn how to deal with conflict, decision making, the way they communicate, and how well they adapt in society . A child who cultivates a positive self-esteem is shelteredRead MoreSelf Esteem And Self-Esteem832 Words   |  4 Pagesoneself is self-esteem. Self esteem or â€Å"confidence in ones own worth or abilities; self-respect† (Merriam-Webster) can be portrayed in two different ways. The first way is having a habit of negative thinking about oneself which is low self-esteem, and the second way is high self-esteem made from positive thoughts. Positive self esteem allows people to have strength and flexibility to take charge of ones life and grow from ones mistakes without fear of rejection. However, low self esteem is a conditionRead MoreSelf Esem Essay Examples737 Words   |  3 PagesSelf esteem can lead to many things. People may not find self esteem to be a big deal but as your kid gets older it gets more important to them. Self esteem can lead your child into depression, bullying or success. Parents never realize what their child is actually going through because they are t oo busy working or trying to find ways on how to keep their family stable. People with too much self esteem can lead up to bullying. The reasons for that is when a child is growing up and they have highRead MoreSelf Esteem1583 Words   |  7 PagesSelf-Esteem is a personal judgment of ones worth and the satisfaction or dissatisfaction with ones own self. By this definition Self-Esteem is how each individual person views them selves as a person both mentality and physically. According to William James, the American psychologist, self esteem involves only one mental perception of the own qualities and their physical. Self esteem plays an important role of who people are and starts at a very young age. There are both positives and negativeRead MoreTaking an Inside Look at Self-Esteem Essay768 Words   |  4 Pagesshatter your self-view? Self-esteem is an important part of personal happiness, fulfilling relationships and achievement. Self-esteem is used to describe a persons overall sense of self-worth. Research has shown key differences between individuals w ith high and low self-esteem. So what is self-esteem? Ray Baumeister defines it as, â€Å"how you feel about yourself in general†¦ whether you think you are pretty good, so-so, or not so good, overall† (p. 20). Both high and low self-esteem has good and badRead MoreSelf Esteem By Carol Craig1090 Words   |  5 PagesSelf-Esteem can be harmful and make people very self centered, but others lack confidence and need a boost of self-esteem. Self-esteem is a very important factor in various reasons that happens in people’s daily life. With no type of thought people don’t think or take self-esteem with importance without realizing that self-esteem is a huge thing that us humans depend for our daily activities. Some shifts that have happened toward self- esteem over the past few decades were the fact that many peopleRead MoreThe Problem Of Self Esteem976 Words   |  4 PagesMost people face self esteem problems at different levels. At some point in life people face this problem without real izing it. In the essay The Trouble with Self-Esteem written by Lauren Slater starts of by demonstrating a test. Self esteem test that determines whether you have a high self-esteem or low self-esteem. The question to be answered however is; what is the value and meaning of self-esteem? The trouble with self-esteem is that not everyone approaches it properly, taking a test or doingRead MoreImproving Self Esteem And Live A Better Life1242 Words   |  5 PagesHow to Improve Self Esteem and Live a Better Life By Kassie Lyne | Submitted On March 03, 2012 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest One of the questions psychologists and counselors of all kinds find themselves

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America, Lows for Many, Highs for Some - 537 Words

Reconstruction in America during the post-civil war era was a both a test and boundary pushing experience that challenged racial laws and the livelihood of many African Americans. During this time period it was both a struggle and battle for everyone involved but none were hit harder than that of the black community. A great deal African Americans had to adapt to the constant fear of lynching and discrimination that was a threat on a daily basis. Especially in America during the late 1800’s through the 1960’s which was very nadir time for many African Americans; do to loss of multiple civil rights, discrimination, and segregation. Fear and discrimination were an everyday feeling that numerous African Americans had endure when it came to living during this time period of racial tension and opposition from white racial groups. To illustrate this point Elias Hill, who on one fateful night on May 5th, 1871 experienced first-hand the ruthlessness of the Ku Klux Klan. On this night the Ku Klux Klan kicked in the front door of Hills home and dragged him outside along with another black boy, where they were questioned about the burning down of white owned homes. Mr. Hill replied with â€Å"I told them it was not me; I could not burn houses†. Mr. Hill and the black boy were beaten for a crime he did not commit; all so the Ku Klux Klan could gather answers to a meeting held between Mr. Hill and the Urban League. As a result there was fear on both sides; Mr. Hill feared that the Ku KluxShow MoreRelatedHow Can America Become A Better Immigrant Nation?1245 Words   |  5 PagesHow Can America Become a Better Immigrant Nation Again? It has become evident to many that the American economy is declining in recent years. Journalists are pointing out that one of the reasons why it got weaker is due to a failed immigration system and outdated policies towards illegal immigrants. For instance, Fareed Zakaria from Time magazine says, although America was once considered an example to many other immigrant nations, it is now falling behind some of them in terms of immigration-relatedRead MorePest Analysis About the American Manufacturing Industry1259 Words   |  6 PagesPEST Analysis about the American Manufacturing Industry In the article Can the Future Be Built in America, the author Pete Engardio describes the crucial issue of the manufacturing industry exodus from the United States and how smarter tax policies, low-cost loans, and industrial zones may help keep factories at home. For over a half century, American manufacturing has dominated the globe. It helped rebuild Europe and Japan and it stimulated the economic growth in China because of outsourcingRead MoreImmigration Policy Of The United States1045 Words   |  5 PagesStates. It will cover where the foreign-born population comes from, the mix of high and low skilled immigrants, and who gains and losses due to immigration. Lastly we will discuss the direction the immigration policy in the United States should be taking. The immigration population in the United States is large and comes from numerous countries across the globe. The population of foreign-born residents in America is roughly 40.7 million people in 2012. Within this number 18.6 are naturalizedRead MoreChapter 3 discusses the background of the Italians who came to the United States. Italy had free600 Words   |  3 PagesLittle Italy neighborhoods, and having low literacy rates. They worked in unskilled jobs such as the railroad, sweatshops, and other physical labor jobs. After a short period of time some Italians began to develop their own business and more became entrepreneurs. When they first came to America they were not as involved in Catholic Churches, but overtime this increased. Education was never a huge concern for Italians who typically had high dropout rates in high school and were inclined to work hardRead MoreIntroduction. The Rising Unemployment Has Generated Challenges1381 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The rising unemployment has generated challenges in low income communities. Unemployment involves a situation where people in a particular community are actively seeking employment but the employment rates are low. The increased rates of unemployment are contributed to by factors such as recession periods that adversely affects the economy. Impacts on the economy in turn affect the labor force leading to loss of employment and reducing the rates of employment opportunities in the countryRead MoreThe Obesity Epidemic in the United States664 Words   |  3 PagesThe United States of America is known for having a high obesity level. According to David Frum from CNN, except for Mexicans, American citizens are more likely to become obese than any other nationality. Some obese countries have enforced an extra high tax on fast foods and other high calorie foods, and many people believe that the U.S. should adopt the fat tax as well. According to, the fat tax is â€Å"a tax imposed on or proposed for high-fat or otherwise unhealthy foodstuffs†. AlthoughRead MoreAmerica s Health Care System Essay1615 Words   |  7 PagesStates are nowhere near cheap. In fact, America has the worst healthcare system in the world. America’s health care system is a direct-fee system. A majority of countries around the globe are government controlled. Taxes primarily finance their health care access and delivery. Unfortunately, for America, the US government does not pay for most of its citizens’ health care (Health Care Issues, 2015). America’s health care system is in jeopardy due to increasingly high prices and lack of access. America’sRead MoreEssay on The Negative Effects of Mass Immigration1545 Words   |  7 PagesThe Negative Effects of Mass Immigration For decades immigrants to America were sure of two things. They came for the opportunity to build a better life for their families and they would not seek nor would they accept a handout. The drive and attitude of immigrants who came to America during the nineteen twenties through the nineteen sixties built strong work ethics that created our now famous American melting pot. But for the past thirty years a runaway welfare state has poisoned our goodRead MoreWhat Immigration Brings America And How Donald Trump Views It1166 Words   |  5 PagesImmigration Brings to America and How Donald Trump Views It Immigration issues have become a widely talked issue among people, since Paris was attacked in November 2015 by terrorists who migrated to France from Syria as refugees (Gallagher, 2015). In America where the Presidential Election is going to be held, people eagerly care about how the presidential candidates stand for immigration issue, because immigrants can seriously affect people’s daily lives: immigrants bring America lots of advantagesRead MoreEssay on Social Justice in the US1208 Words   |  5 Pagesviolated and why? Lastly, what are some of the measures that the US government has taken to address the issue of social injustices, which include Unemployment, endless crimes and terrorism, social classes in American societies with different benefits and privileges? Finally the paper will state personal opinions to American citizens and the American government at large and will draw the conclusion. Key words: Crimes and Justice, and poverty and Health America is the world’s super power with a

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Essay on Incorporation of Technology into Modern Education

Incorporation of Technology into Modern Education Education has long been a part of our society. In order to keep society progressing forward, education must also progress forward. Part of this forward progression is the incorporation of technology into modern education. Technology has always been in schools. The development of things like the overhead projector, typewriter, and blackboards have all played key roles in education. However, the pinnacle of technological advances has been the introduction of the computer into the classroom. Since the computer first entered the classroom in the early 1980?s as more than just a tool for school officials, student?s exposure to the ever-changing world of technology has nearly quadrupled.†¦show more content†¦Department of Education, National Center for Educational Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress, Almanac: Writing, 1984 to 1996. 1998 It?s this early exposure to computers that could help students gain the technological understanding that maybe essential in the workplace for future success. In order to understand the revolution that technology is creating within education, first it needs to be understood how we got this far. In just over twenty years, technology has entered every aspect of society, and it all started with the invention of the television. It was television that gave way to the computer. Now data storage and writing could be combined with images and graphics, and is readily available for school, home, and office use So now you ask, how has this development changed the face of education? The public often has two opinions on how technology has changed education. There are those who feel that education has been changed for the better, and those who feel that technology has made no impact and in the long run is worse for education. Those who feel that technology has had no impact on education hold their beliefs based on many reasons. One of the main reasons people feel this way is that there is a large debate over whether or not computer companies are exploiting schools. Companies are not concerned with the interest of the children or the educationalShow MoreRelatedPositive And Negative Effects Of Technology1600 Words   |  7 PagesTechnology is a very controversial topic in our modern day world. Because of the controversy of the inclusion of technology in the education system, the overuse and abuse of technology, and how it is affecting the way we behave and think in the world, various authors and producers over the years have commented about the increasing use and incorporation of technology in today’s world through their work. Many authors have very different views on the topic, some such as Ann Woo and Vannear Bush argueRead MoreUsing A Simple Tool Of Technology Like Blackboard Essay1023 Words    |  5 PagesAbstract Education and technology have been working together in the recent years in the world. Technology does not already apply to education in the Arab world, particularly in rich countries such as Saudi Arabia. After class, students have trouble communicating with teachers to discuss their classes or submit assignments. Therefore, I decided to start a project of how to apply using a simple tool of technology like blackboard in higher education in S.A I am trying to enter this technology (blackboard)Read MoreTechnology As A Way Of Life And Express1297 Words   |  6 Pagesforms of digital technology as they are the first generation of youth to have internet technology easily available at their disposal. This current generation have already been labelled by sociologist as â€Å"‘digital natives’ (Prensky 2001a) and the ‘net generation’ (Tapscott 1998)† (Prensky 2001a; Tapscott 1998 as cited in Murphy 2010). Technology is not something new to these students a s its presence in their life have made them quite comfortable to the idea, as they perceive â€Å"technology as a way of lifeRead MoreUsing Tablets Into The Education System1023 Words   |  5 Pagesissue has arisen as of late in the education world, garnering debate over the more beneficial way to deliver educational materials in the classroom setting. When it comes to the topic of learning, most of us will readily agree that the ‘old-fashioned’ style of teaching by textbooks should not be discredited by modern society; however, the incorporation of tablets into the education system has demonstrated a positive approach by showing a correlation between technology and improved learning in studentsRead MoreProject Classroom Makeover, By Cathy Davidson1310 Words   |  6 Pagestraditional and into the modern. Such a process can take on the identity of many forms but in the end, they all contribute to the advancement of society. Throughout â€Å"Project Classroom Makeov er,† Cathy Davidson explores the need for such change in America’s educational system as it lags years behind the modern standards. Technology serves as an impetus to change and reform this antiquated system through facilitating new means of learning not previously available. While technology does have its benefitsRead MoreThe And Non Proliferation Education1667 Words   |  7 Pagesregional and international stage in the promotion of DNPE has solidified. Second, the incorporation of training courses and outreach activities at a local level reinforces the interest of educating the decision makers and raising awareness within the society. Which ultimately contributes to the regional advocacy for peace by becoming a point of reference in the region where new generations can receive education in the field. It is important to highlight that Mexico has brought in to the debate NPDERead MoreThe Quality And Safety Education For Nurses1405 Words   |  6 Pageshealth institutions were cautious to change, better effective technologies and innovation have caused a shift from this notion. Modern health institutions are more open to change and are ready to try out new technology. This factor has placed nurses in a difficult position as their tools of trade are constantly changing and increasing in complexity. This problem of nurses is what the QSEN tries to address. The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) develops curriculum for nurses. The curriculumRead MoreTraditional Vs. Alternative Medicine902 Words   |  4 Pagesalternative medicine is better and different from traditional medicine in its definitions, approaches, and technological advantages. Many health professionals prefer the use of modern medicine over traditional medicine. Traditional medicine can be defined as conventional or contemporary health science, medical technology, surgery, and related practices. It is based on the scientific study of diagnosing, treating, or preventing a disease. Alternative medicine had some of its roots in Africa and AsiaRead MoreRelationship between Art and Technology in 1960s1670 Words   |  7 Pagesindustry sponsorship and education programmes, the artists of the 1960s began to grapple with the space age. The launch of Sputnik in 1957 prompted a new interest in the world of the machine, yet the artistic approach to technology differed from the Futurist and Constructivist precedent. Technology did not hold utopian potential; rather the artists of the 1960s adopted varied approaches, ranging from sheer admiration to fearful pessimism. However, by the end of the 1960s technology became closely associatedRead MoreKiryl Slizheuski. Student Number Here. Class Section Here.1675 Words   |  7 PagesICTs Improve Work Produ ctivity? Introduction Technology is at the core of modern society. Accordingly, information and communication technologies (ICTs) now have a significant presence in the workplace. Yet, this integration has left many wondering whether ICTs actually improve work productivity. Corporations, governments, as well as non-government organizations have been pursuing this pressing question (Boeri 107). Some claim that these technologies are created and used within an unequal society

The Birth of Rock N’ Roll †a Case of Racial Conflict Free Essays

THE BIRTH OF ROCK n’ ROLL – A CASE OF RACIAL CONFLICT The term rock ‘n’ roll has been traced back as far as the 1920s in black music, but it became an accepted when disc jockey Alan Freed began used it to describe the character of the rhythm and blues he played on his radio program in the mid-‘50s. The term â€Å"Rockin’ and Rollin† were originally used as slang for sex, in black pop music. However, it went on to become the name for a new, salacious musical genre. We will write a custom essay sample on The Birth of Rock N’ Roll – a Case of Racial Conflict or any similar topic only for you Order Now Innovation in audio technology, new instruments, fresh talent, business savvy record producers, and a young population of new consumers created by post-war economic prosperity helped turn â€Å"race music† into â€Å"rock and roll†. The roots of Rock Roll can be traced back to rhythm and blues and country rock. We must note the political context of the rock n’ roll movement before delving deeper into the recesses of the genre. Black people were beginning to identify and assert themselves racially supported by a series of Supreme Court judgments in favour of integration and the Black community in general Rock n’ roll became a symbol of Black empowerment to the Whites, especially to the segregationists who were accustomed to and valued a separation of the races, but were now legally forced to operate against those segregationist values. The resistance to rock n’ roll music, highly enjoyed by young White kids, was a culmination of all the hostility and tension of the Civil Rights movement. There was a certain White resistance to such music in the form of The Ku Klux Klan and other White-supremacist organizations that openly preached the exaggerated consequences of listening to rock n’ roll music. The term â€Å"jungle music† was used to describe the rock n’ roll beat, declaring it would cause the White youth to lose their sense of humanity and dignity while mixing races. This kind of resistance to the rock n’ roll movement often came to physical assaults on Black performers. There have been reports of assaults such as the one on Nat King Cole, arguably one of the most docile African American performers of the time. While performing at a Whites-only venue, a mob rushed the stage and beat him. Nat King Cole not only suffered the bruising from the White audience who ambushed him, but also a tongue lashing from Black activists who reprimanded him for not demanding integrated venues. The conflicts of rock n’ roll music are direct reflections of both the institutional resistances of Whites to integration and the widespread exploitations of Blacks across the country in many industries. The post-war economic boom ushered in a new era in radio broadcasting. With greater competition, national radio networks gave way to a horde of new independent, locally based stations hosting a variety of entertainment programs. White radio producers would hide Black performers from White audiences. They would often choose a tune with potential from a Black artist, and have a White singer perform the song without the provocative dancing or emotive moaning of the original version. This proved to be a multiple win for the Whites as the Black artist would be kept away from the spotlight, the White producer was making the money, and White kids were idolizing the White singer. It is widely believed that iconic artists like Pat Boone, Elvis and Georgia Gibbs began by assisting in the exploitation of Black artists who were replaced by more-polished, White impersonators. Many observers suggest that rock n’ roll would never have been so controversial had it not been for the sexual revolutions and conflicts going on throughout the mid 1900s. The rock n’ roll revolution coincided with the institutional revolution of acknowledging youth sex. Rock n’ roll music often ended up portraying sex as a new, fun activity, something that normally happens when young people fall in love. The older generations were quite averse to such music and used many tactics to resist the trend. Magazine campaigning became very popular among the older generations; parental guides and â€Å"girl talks† were printed to show that people still valued pre-marital abstinence. The situation eventually escalated into full censorship, until disc jockeys and music hall owners refused to play Black records in general. There were petitions and requests for radio stations to not play sexually-explicit lyrics, but the response was relatively weak. The truth is that the White artists, who impersonated the Blacks, saved the movement. They cleaned up the sound and look of rock n’ roll, until White parents would accept it. Parents did not want their sons and daughters listening to wild rocker Little Richard Penniman, but would let them listen to Pat Boone. Soon, White faces like Elvis Presley and Jerry Lewis were reintroducing the sexuality of rock n’ roll music and launched it into mainstream legend. Black popular music—everything from jazz and blues to boogie-woogie and rhythm and blues—stood at odds to the white pop songs and artists that epitomized post-world war conservatism. By comparison, rock n’ roll was raunchy, unrestrained, rowdy, and even evolutionary. That which was categorized by the record industry as â€Å"race music† stood as a powerful cultural alternative to the tight-lipped, conformist values. Black Rock n’ Roll music also reflected major social and cultural changes brought on by post war urbanization, including youthful rebellion. By contrast, wh ite pop music had ignored or watered down these transformations. American youth, inspired by nonconformist icons like James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Natalie Wood, naturally gravitated toward the more edgy black tunes which they felt spoke of their frustrations. These young whites made black music their own by learning the dances, memorizing the slang, and copying the cool swagger of African-American boogie-woogie and rhythm and blues artists. They claimed as their own a genre scorned by most whites born before World War II. Thus, Rock n’ Roll was indeed reflective of the Civil Rights movement. It stirred up a whole generation and shows that a culture conflict usually always has a deeper context to be found. How to cite The Birth of Rock N’ Roll – a Case of Racial Conflict, Essay examples

Wireless Sensor Networks Introduction to CDMA

Question: Discuss about the Wireless Sensor Networks for Introduction to CDMA. Answer: What does an amplifier do and why is one needed in a radio system? An amplifier is mainly an electronic component that can boost an electric current or some signals. Amplifiers are primarily used to amplify signals like let just say someone has hearing aid, the machine takes the sound all around the surroundings and then just increases its strength; this process is called amplification. Amplifiers are just known to amplify weak signals too strong signals. Amplifiers are the best option to regain a particular signal that is lost during the transmission (Freeman, 2007). It catches the signal, regenerates the actual signal and sends it to the receiver. Use of amplifiers is the most common thing in the case of transmission. Modulation-Demodulation, Coder-Decoder use amplification in each and every occasion. As a whole, it can be considered that amplifiers are mainly there to regenerate the lost signal so that efficiency of the sender and satisfactory level of the receiver are maintained. An amplifier can be used in radio systems very efficiently. It is mainly the modified amplifier that generally magnifies the high-frequency signals. It is used in radio system. The frequency in which the large number of improvement occurs in a particular radio frequency (known as RF) amplifiers are made of inconstant by frequently changing the capacitance as well as the inductance of a, particularly tuned circuit (Hussain, 2005). The request of amplification is very typical like firstly it receives the signal from the antenna earlier it is assorted with the local noise signals. The primary detector of the radio receiver receives the signal at first. The amplifier which is followed by the detector is a particular type of amplifier called the immediate frequency amplifier. The primary justification of rf amplifier can be done through its tuning ability over the assigned input frequencies. The shunt capacitance is mainly causes a problem for the improvement of a resistance-capacitance j oined amplifier. Then it turns out to be the portion of the tuning capacitance in the amplifier. In this way, the high gain at radio frequency is permitted. The above description tells us the clear picture about the use of an amplifier in the radio system. The range of frequency of a radio system is mainly restricted and after receiving the signal from the antenna, many noisy signals can be attached to the primary signal that can cause a problem. Then the rf amplifier and if amplifier comes into play (Feucht, 2010). The detector also plays a vital role in it. What is the purpose of a mixer? Include a discussion of sidebands in your answer. Mixer A mixer is an electronic device. It is mainly used to combine, changing and routing the volume level. It also combines the dynamic and timbre of several audio signals. For example, Microphone can be used by singers as well as mics can be used in acoustic instruments. For example, mics are used on drums as well as saxophones. The mixer can lead an essential role to transmit signals from electric as well as electronic instruments (Mangeot, 2005). Electric bass, the synthesizer is an example of such electric instruments. Analog and digital signals can be controlled by Mixer from 2010. It depends on the type of the mixer. A combined output signal can be produced by the summation of the modified signals. The signals are broadcasted by the user through a sound reinforcement system. The mixer can be used in several applications. The application includes several recording studios, sound reinforcements system, dance clubs, nightclubs, film production and television. The combined signal of two microphones can be combined by a typical application. The signals are transmitted to an amplifier which controls one pair of signal concurrently (Liu, Zhang and Yang, 2012). In the case of live performance, the signal which transmitted from the mixer goes directly to the amplifier. The amplifier must be plugged into the cabinet of the speaker. There are only two channels are provided in DJ mixer. It mixes two recording player. The mixer can also provide phantom power in capacitor microphones. It also provides pain control for changing the position of sound control. The mixer can also play an essential role for filtering and equalization. It can be the primary purpose of a mixer. It activates the sound engineer who boosts the sound frequency as well as cut the sound frequency to develop the quality of the sound. Mixer mainly uses in the digital processing techniques to attach three different input audio signals into one single output audio signal. It also manipulates every input signal modulation. It also maintains the high and low pass filters in its each audio channel independently. A mixer mainly provides the ability to observe each audio signal channels without providing any master output. A single, equalized and mixed signal can be obtained by the user from three different audio input signals. It provides an important role for mixing two songs as well as combine instrumental tracks together and create a passage of complex music. Sidebands IQ To identify the process for maximizing the information transmission, it is crucial to introduce IQ mixers. It allows user for modulating the in-phase as well as quadrature components of career concurrently (Edlich, 2013). It uses for the multiplexing of two modulating signals. Block Diagram Fig: 1 Sources: IR and SSB Image reject mixer can be used to allow a user to catch a signal in the crowded environment. It is overpowering the adjacent image signal. Image request mixer is also responsible for releasing the requirements of receiver filter. The single sideband mixer is mainly used to allow a user for up converting to a signal; it up-converts the signal into a career while overpowering frequency signal of the similar image (Archer, 2006). It is also responsible for releasing the requirements of the transmission signal. Fig: 2 Sources: Compare and contrast the multiplexing techniques CDMA and FDMA in the area of wireless networking? CDMA CDMA mainly refers to the fact of conversion of analog-to-digital signals. It is mainly done with the help of the spread spectrum technology. In this case, audio input is mostly manipulating into binary elements. It helps the receiver to follow the exact transmitter frequency (Abu-Rgheff, 2007). The CDMA channel normally has a range which is 1.23MHz wide. The Soft handoff scheme is used by CDMA networks that minimize signal fragmentation as a receiver which passes from one to another cell. The perfect mixture of spread spectrum modes as well as digital methods which support additional times as numerous signals per unit bandwidth as the analog modes. The nationwide roaming facility is provided by this technique as CDMA is companionable with the different cellular machineries (Engels and PetreÃÅ' , 2006). CDMA One is known as the original CDMA standards. A transmission speed of up to 14.4 Kbps can be offered by CDMA on its single channel. It can afford a capacity of 115 Kbps in an eight channel form. It is also to be notified that CDMA2000 as well as Wideband CDMA which send data as many times quicker. Working principle of CDMA: Unlike FDMA, CDMA separates calls by codes where each and every particular bit of a discussion is marked with a particular as well as unique code. In this process the system receives a call then it assigns the particular unique code in that specific conversation. Then the data is divided into minor parts as well as tagged with the exclusive code given to that specific conversation of which they are the parts of. After this part, the data is sent through some frequencies which are available to use at any specific time in a particularly mentioned series. At the end of the transmission, the receiver then recollects or regathers the codes to gain the actual message or data or signal. The technique of CDMA is mainly based on the separation of codes. That differs CDMA from FDMA. FDMA FDMA is standing for Frequency division multiple access. It is mainly the channel manipulation method through which multiple admittance protocols are used in a network. A unique allocation or different frequency can be sent to the user by this multiplexing technique (Koo et al., 2002). FDMA is used for wireless and satellite communication. It also co-ordinates the uses among several users. This technique mainly allocates for the wireless cellular phones. Here FDMA technique communicates into 30 channels. Working Principle of FDMA In FDMA, almost maximum users share frequency channel as well as the satellite transponder. But only every user transmits the signal at a single frequency. Every channel can contain digital service as well as voice conversation. It also carries digital data. In AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Services), FDMA leads a primary role to give better services. Here every channel can be assigned to one single user at the same time. That is the primary function of FDMA. FDMA is also be used in the TACS (Total Access Communication System). Unlike CDMA, in FDMA all channels are in an idle state when not in use. The bandwidth of the communication channel is comparatively narrow. It is also known as Narrowband system. To spread the symbol time, there is no need of equalization in FDMA. In this technique, analog signals can be most suitable. Also for continuous transmission, there is no need for synchronization. In the case of duplexing, FDMA combined with FDD. It is based on the separation of frequency. References Abu-Rgheff, M. (2007).Introduction to CDMA wireless communications. Amsterdam: Academic. Archer, J. (2006). A 80100 GHz image-reject passive-HEMT mixer.Microwave And Optical Technology Letters,48(12), 2429-2433. Edlich, T. (2013).Recursive spatial multiplexing. Kassel: Kassel University Press GmbH. Engels, M. PetreÃÅ' , F. (2006).Broadband fixed wireless access. New York: Springer. Feucht, D. (2010).Designing amplifier circuits. Raleigh, NC: SciTech Pub. Freeman, R. (2007).Radio system design for telecommunications. New York: IEEE. Hussain, A. (2005).Advanced RF engineering for wireless systems and networks. Hoboken, N.J.: IEEE Press. Koo, I., Yang, J., Ahmad, A., Kim, K. (2002). Erlang capacity analysis of hybrid FDMA/CDMA systems supporting multi-class services according to channel assignment methods.Int. J. Commun. Syst.,15(10), 867-880. Liu, L., Zhang, P., Yang, J. (2012). Development of a high quality wireless sound reinforcement system.The Journal Of The Acoustical Society Of America,131(4), 3503-3503. Mangeot, A. (2005).Mixer. Norwich: Egg Box Publishing.

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Child Discipline Essay Example For Students

Child Discipline Essay The discipline of a child must always come from the parents, as society says. Power corrupts, however, and absolute power over another person can corrupt absolutely. Taking advantage of the thinness of the line between discipline and abuse, a parent often doesnt have to answer to anyone if and when they cross that line. In Mary Fishers essay The Broken Chain, Fishers father must deal regularly with punishing and disciplining his daughter. When bad, Fisher would occasionally have to bare her bottom to her father, awaiting punishment. Rex, her father, would then deal out the appropriate number of spankings, usually relative to her age. One evening when Fisher lost her patients, she dropped her baby brother from a highchair onto the floor. The response from her father was immediate and unthinking, smacking her aside the head and sending her across the room. Fisher spent the rest of the night in her room. Fishers mother eventually came to her room and revealed some details about her fathers past. Fishers father and his brothers were heavily abused as a child, and only after becoming larger than their father did the abuse stop. Rex always feared being bound to his father through that abusive nature. Before that night, he had never struck out in anger against another person. Never confronting his past, Marys father finally forces himself to look at his life. With his troubled past uncovered, Rex can begin to deal with his issues and allow his inner wounds to start healing. Rex no longer feared the chains of violence that bound his father. Fisher herself describes Rexs spankings as heavy, dutiful slaps. Dutiful gives the impression that Fisher knows that Rex is only doing his job, and in the end it is in Fishers best interests. When rage took over, however, Rex didnt give any thought to what was best for Fisher, and this is where abuse begins.